Friday, July 30, 2010

We have been busy! :)

Jake and I went to the big apple for a week in March to celebrate 5 years!
Colt stayed with his Grammie and Grumps and had a blast. It was a very fun trip! We were exhausted because we were on the go the entire trip! Walking over the Brooklyn bridge at night and going to the David Letterman Show were just a few of the things that we did.

We took Colt to the zoo for the second time in May.
One trip to the zoo a year is all this mom can handle!
He had a lot of fun. He liked feeding the birds.

I am happy to report that we have been daddy (aka pacifier) free for 48 hours and counting! I am no longer Josh...I am MOM!!! He finally stopped calling me Josh and started calling me mom at the begining of the summer! I know it sounds like he is a teenager but hey, you should of seen the looks I would get when he called me Josh!

We have been to the lake a few times this summer.
He likes to fish with his daddy!

Colton got to go and stay with Garage and Nae at the end of the school year. It sure was quiet around here! He is currently 40 pounds and 40 inches tall! He is almost to big for me to carry around! Lots of people ask me how old he is! We go swimming almost every day and have met a lot of new friends at the pool this summer!

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