Sunday, November 1, 2009

Long Time No Post!

We went to a ranch with Jacob's company and Colton got to see some ponies,
he would not ride them thought. He only likes things that have engines!

Colton had fun helping Grumps celebrate his 58th birthday!
Colton helped decorate some Halloween cookies.
His favorite part was eating the M&Ms and icing.
This was his first year to go trick or treating.
He was a train conductor.

The train conductor with Nana and Poopaw.

This was Colton's first year to trick or treat. He did such a good job! He would walk up to the door hold out his Thomas the Train bucket, get some candy and say bye bye. All our neighbors thought he was too cute. He had so much fun. He filled up his bucket to the top but insisted on carrying it to each house even though it was heavy. He was so tired by the time we got home, but not too tired to eat some candy! :)


Nana Norrid said...

To our sweet little conductor. I do believe Nana and Poopaw had as much fun as Colton watching him trick or treat. Sooooooooooooo much fun.

All our love

the smith family said...

So cute! Glad he had a good time! Our girls loved it this year too! We need to get together sometime :)

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